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How Can We Battle Satan’s Strikes?

How Can We Battle Satan’s Strikes?

Find out how to battle Satan strikes even when there is a major glitch in your plans.

I have been writing on Medium.com for the past two months. Sorry that I haven’t always been posting on this blog. I would ask that you drop over to my Medium page and join in to wonderful blog posts on faith. (and everything else). I will try on Monday’s to remember to send the link to my blog post.

There is a clapping system instead of LIKES. You can clap up to 50 times. But your claps are supposed to balance your feelings towards to piece. So clap away.

Here is today’s post.

Will this Unbelievable Glitch ruin Our conference?

Notes from a podcast from HopeStreamRadio

Have you ever attended a Christian conference? It’s always a time to seek God’s leading and learn to grow in my faith.

Morning Prayer Time

Recently I flew from Toronto to Edmonton to join my fellow writers at the Inscribe Christian Writers’ annual conference.

To put together this type of gathering takes time, energy and patience.

 As soon as we step out in faith to glorify God we know Satan may strike.

To find out what happened please go to Medium.com.

Did Satan strike? If so how was God glorified?

Radio – How I broadcast at Hope Stream Radio

Broadcasting on Radio

This week’s prompt for #ScribblePicnic is “radio”.

Actually it is too funny that this is today’s prompt. Last week I spent time at a Christian Writers’ Conference in Edmonton, Alberta. It is called Inscribe Writers’ Fellowship. What an amazing time I had! Look for changes coming in the next months.

For “radio” I have an image of my sister and I listening to a radio program at lunch time before we headed back to school. The last word the broadcaster said was “Scoot”. And we did. I wanted to draw my radio but can’t find any pictures of it.

In our town we have two radio stations – Moose and Canoe. I have been interviewed on Canoe a couple of times. A great way to talk to people in the town.

But the best thing that ever happened to me about a radio was to be asked to be a podcaster for Hope Stream Radio.

Ron Hughes the station manager trained me. And I was probably his most frustrated worker. Between technology, and sound; headsets, and uploading – I worked hard to figure this out. Patience is what Ron has. Thanks.

Today I did my 101st program (not including special days or interviews). I hope you drop in to listen next week on Tuesday or go to my podcast page   and listen to any of my recordings.

People have asked, “What do you speak about?” My answer is anything and everything that is going on in my life. Sometimes it is a story I recall or something I have read in God’s Word. My podcast is called Growing Through God’s Word.

This past week I also met a wonderful watercolour artist, Shelley Hitz, who taught a workshop on lettering. Today I am going to try that while doing my “radio” picture.

So I looked at Hope Stream’s logo and then used a pencil, a Prismacolor Premier and a Pigma MB. I bought these at Curry’s on the way home from my conference. This is new to me. It is called faux calligraphy.

Here is the result. You can look at the real Logo below.



I am going to be trying more of this in the months to come. And I will be adding my watercolour as well.

Here is one I tried using the new lettering and my Bible journalling.



Matthew 4:4

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”




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