Freedom to Live – Sunday Stillness Link

By reading scripture every day I am starting to see God’s plan – clearer. Join us at Growing through God’s Word Facebook Group. Let’s find the freedom to live. Today these are the passages I studied: Psalm 63:1-8; Numbers 13:1-2, 17-14:9; Matthew 17:22-27 In the Psalm, I loved the first verse, You, God, are my… Continue reading Freedom to Live – Sunday Stillness Link

How We Can Spark Our Creativity

Spending time being creative Do you need to kick start your creativity? A few years ago I wrote this post. But right now I needed to read it again. Maybe you do too. …………………………………………………………………………………………… The last month has been one of change — in my thinking, in my reading, in my writing and most of… Continue reading How We Can Spark Our Creativity

The Mighty Planner – a poem

A Poem The poem, “The Mighty Planner”, below was inspired after reading scripture. Lord God Mighty Planner Ruler of all From Creation through to  New Creation You knew everything before it happened The Tabernacle built to Your specifications Every part of it every detail made for a reason Even John the Baptist’s death with his… Continue reading The Mighty Planner – a poem

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving 2020 and a Poetry Linkup Wishing you all God’s blessings today and always. May you cherish God’s creation, friends and family. Thanksgiving 2020. If you need prayer, please email me at Janis. Blessings Janis Another Thanksgiving in 2015  –  Here is my poem for today. Another abecedarian. Peace Another Beautiful Calm Day Enlightenment… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Four Lessons Learned

Four Lessons from “The Little Engine That Could” A while ago I wrote this article on another platform. I thought you would enjoy it and learn what a little book can teach us. It’s amazing what lessons we can learn from children’s books. This past weekend I had the delightful job to read to my… Continue reading Four Lessons Learned

Living in Time Today

Living in Time Today – a Poem Living in Time Today Want, desire The need for more and more. Stop. Trying to keep up and Striving Hurts the soul. What is time? This moment is The time to live. Look around you Count the gifts Record them. God says to Seek Him first. Then look… Continue reading Living in Time Today

Pivot- How God Can Change Our Lives

And To Pivot is Good It’s been quite the changeable last 6 months. But the last month has really swung me away from what I was doing and allowed me to pivot in a different direction. “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living… Continue reading Pivot- How God Can Change Our Lives

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From the Beginning to End

From the Beginning to End – an Abecedarian Poem After reading my scriptures for the morning, God inspired me to write this abecedarian poem. Starting from the beginning with “a” and running to the end with “z”. The scriptures were: Psalm 119:97-104, Numbers 11:1-9, Romans 16:17-20. From the Beginning to End After the Beginning of… Continue reading From the Beginning to End

How Can I Hear From God Today?

To hear from God we need to be still. Stillness – How to Hear from God Being still So hard to do Stop Pause Release Drop shoulders Slow heart rate Focus on Jesus Come, Lord Jesus Deep breath Then another Feel the tension ease Let go of all thoughts Except for Jesus He is My… Continue reading How Can I Hear From God Today?