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Welcome to my website! I’m so glad you have dropped by. I hope you will find out all about me and I will get to know more about you.

About Janis Cox

A Tad about Me

I am a follower of Christ – first and foremost. And that’s how I became a writer and an artist. Please check out my faith page.

I am a grandma, married for many years to a loving, kind and exceptionally patient husband. We have 3 married children and many grandchildren . We live in the county of Haliburton, in Ontario Canada. This is our little Maltipoo, Snowball.


About Janis Cox - Snowball

Connecting with Me

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Hope Stream Radio Podcast:

Logo-HopeStreamRadiowebOn Wednesdays I post a little about the podcast that was aired on the Tuesday before on Hope Stream Radio. 


I am joining #ScribblePicnic on Wednesdays with a prompt to paint.


I am joining Kate Motaung and will write for 5 minutes – no editing.

My Painting

  • I am an artist and mostly work in  watercolour. I also do batik watercolour which uses rice paper and wax to create a unique looking painting. I illustrated my book Tadeo Turtle and The Kingdom of Thrim, in watercolour.
  •  I use some of my paintings to be the image for a blog post.
  • My Gallery (which I plan to update sometime) is here.

My Books – Visit my Bookstore

The KIngdom of Thrim

For ages 5 and up. Yoj is a happy doll maker who makes a hasty decision without consulting God. Follow his adventure of rediscovery. Extended activities will be available.

crucified with Christ

What people are saying about The Kingdom of Thrim.

The Kingdom of Thrim is the true home of all who put their whole heart and soul into doing what God has designed them to do ~ Michele Morin.

A great truth for children of any age to understand that’s based on the Bible. I enjoyed the story as it touched on the life of others also and shows how it’s important to use our gifts to bless others -Pirkko

Janis Cox seamlessly weaves together a delightful, full-circle story about God-given gifts ~ Tracy Campbell.

Read more at Goodreads.

Tadeo Turtle:

Tadeo Turtle is a story for children ages 2-8. A colourful watercolour picturebook, the story helps children to realize how much they are loved by God just the the way they were created. To find out more go to Tadeo Turtle.

Visit my Bookstore.




What people are saying about Tadeo Turtle:

I love Tadeo Turtle. I actually bought him on my kindle to read to my little nephew this Christmas, but my 10 year old daughter fell in love with him as well, so we’ve transferred to her kindle, which is fancier and has better showcase of Janis’ artistic talents. My nephew is in kindergarten and he has Autism. He has already memorized the book and quotes it to his friends. I don’t know if he quite realizes how much it fits for him, with his autism, but the grownups in his life sure do, and we appreciate it!

Tadeo’s shell also called to mind devices that help the disabled (since I am disabled), like wheelchairs, leg braces, etc. Those are things that we may feel self-conscious of, as children and as grown-ups, but they are God’s blessing to us to help us be all that we can be. This would make a perfect book marketed for special-needs children, as well as a great self-esteem book for all. – B. Hendricks

To read more endorsements go here.


Companion Bible study for Ed’s Hird’s Battle for the Soul of Canada – 

(based on the book called Battle for the Soul of Canada by Ed Hird)


What people are saying about the Bible Study:

I fully endorse this very creative Bible Study by Janis Cox. Jan’s insightful clarity shone through her study. May many Canadians make us of this most helpful guide. ~Ed Hird, author

What a lot of Spirit-guided work to produce these questions and insights! I’ve never see a study like this, quickening our national as well as spiritual consciences. this looks simple enough not to intimidate people, yet deep enough to provoke change. ~ Janet Sketchley, author

The Companion Bible Study to Ed Hirds’ book is an excellent start for further discussion wrought with wonderful, thought-provoking questions. ~ Kimberley Payne, author


My Podcasting – Yes I am on radio

Hope Stream RadioIn 2015 I joined Hope Stream Radio as a weekly contributor with a program called Growing Through God’s Word Podcast. You can listen to Hope Stream Radio every day. I am on the Tuesday’s broadcast and sometimes Sundays. You can find all my broadcasts on Hope Stream Radio Janis Cox.


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Popular Posts

For this year my most popular post is a children’s activity using soap to carve out a turtle:

Soap Carved Tadeo Turtle

Tadeo Turtle Soap Carving.




These are the other most popular posts:

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PATH – how to pray by Kimberley Payne

SIMPLE way to Study the Bible

Are deceivers blinding you to God’s Purpose?

Random things you might like to know about me:

  • I am a late comer to knowing Christ (2001). You can read more about my faith journey on my faith page.
  • I love to read and write and paint. Check out my Gallery.
  • I take tap dancing lessons while wintering in Arizona.
  • I am learning to play pickle ball.
  • I love to connect with other believers and pray for them.
  • I relearned how to use my sewing machine in order to make stuffed turtles and sock dolls to sell with my books.
  • We have recently become very interested in natural eating. We stick to vegetables, oils, organic meats, and fruits. We stay away from sugar in all forms except honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and molasses. We avoid grains whenever possible.
  • We started a new charity in 2014 in our small town of Haliburton. Our charity is called HASP – Haliburton Assistance for Single Parents. It is a charity with a focus to see that single parents are able to take their education beyond high school.
  • We are very interested in helping others get a handle on their finances. We encourage others to join Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace as one of the best instruments of learning to handle money God’s way.
  • One day while studying the Bible, a new way of studying God’s Word came to me – the SIMPLE method. When it is used God’s Word becomes very clear – because prayer is an important part of this method. You can find out more at SIMPLE Method of Bible Study and get a PDF.