Tethered to God

A little while ago we took our grandchildren to their other grandparents. My son-in-law had carefully moved the two car seats from the family car to our truck. It took him quite awhile to get the seats in place. When they were strongly tethered in, we took off.

The drive went well; the children were marvelous. When we arrived at our destination my husband and I took out our grandchildren from their safety seats and gave them to their other grandma. We then started to undo the car seats so they could be returned to their parents. That was the last thing my daughter had said, “Don’t forget to remove the car seats!”

What a job! Tethered they were. As we both pushed, pulled, loosened, tugged, strained and tried not to get frustrated – those seats held firm. I think it took us about 10 minutes to get the two car seats untethered.

That is the type of connection I want with God – I want to be tethered so tightly that nothing can tear me apart from Him. How can I accomplish this?

With the car seats there were various straps that held the seat in place.

So I need to find more than one way to tether myself to God.

First I need to pray, because in prayer He can open the other doors that will keep my relationship strong.

Next I need to be obedient. There are various spiritual disciplines that can help me to be tethered. In each one I need His help. Whether I study, read, go to church, attend Bible studies, write, memorize Scripture, fast, pray in the Spirit, or other disciplines – I must be obedient to do these things.

So prayer and obedience are the two tethers I am relying on.

What are you tethers?

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  1. What a wonderful way to put this. I feel the same way–I want to be tightly tethered to God at all times. And scripture does tell us that’s our responsibility: ;Keep yourselves in the love of God’ (Jude), ‘Remain in Me and I will remain in You…’ (John 15:4). And yet, somehow He keeps us even when we’re not faithful to do our part–though we have to suffer the consequences.

    You’ve given me lots to think about this morning!

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