Activities for The Kingdom of Thrim

Yoj’s Sock Doll

Yoj's sock doll


Instructions for creating a sock doll:

Choose Instructions-1a pair of children’s socks. Cut one of the socks as shown and discard the heel piece.

2. Flatten the other sock to put heel towards the back. Cut lengthwise from toe to heel to form legs. Turn sock inside out and sew along legs. Turn sock right side out.

Instructions 2

3. To make a head, cut the toe end of a stocking. Stuff and tie the stocking.

Turn the arm pieces (from first cut sock) inside out and sew up sides. Turn the arm pieces right side out. Stuff the body, legs and arm pieces.

Instructions 3

4. Sew stuffed arm pieces to body.

Instructions 55. To make the head put the sock toe piece cut from step one over the stocking head. Put the sock covered stocking into the stuffed body and pull sock over head. Sew around top of head as shown. Sew through neck to form a head.

Final doll. You can finish with yarn hair, and facial features.