Believing God for What He Will Do

by Shannon Leibold  (reprinted with permission August 5, 2011)

There are times when I tip-toe into their rooms long after they’ve drifted off to dreamland, and I kneel beside their beds and pray over them.

I pray mostly about the future, asking God to capture their little hearts early and seal them for Himself. Pleading with God to spare them the years of turning away and living outside His will … like I did. I imagine their future spouses, praying they would be people after God’s own heart. Most of all I pray they would love Him more than anyone or anything else in this world – that their passion for God would go far beyond my own.

But tonight was different.

Tonight as I was tucking them in, we prayed together, and I thanked God for the man and woman they will become – two people who are fully devoted, totally surrendered, and wildly passionate for Him and Him alone.

Words in faith.

Believing prayer.

Thanking God now for what He will do.

Because our God stands outside time. He sees the beginning and the end simultaneously. He sees the babes our children are now and the adults they will become. To Him, it’s already done. Prayers prayed in this moment have already been fulfilled.

And so I thank Him.

And it’s good for little ears to hear bold words whispered in faith into their souls, reaffirming again and again this Way – the only Way –  is true life.


Shannon Leibold

Beyond the responsibilities as a wife and a mother of two small children, Shannon works part-time as a Ministry Support Director at her local church. Her passions include studying Scripture, teaching the Bible, and writing about what God is teaching her through His Word. In her attempt to live more like Mary instead of her true Martha nature, she blogs at SittingAtHisFeet – a humble corner of the web where she records the lessons she learns while sitting at the feet of Jesus. Will you join her there? There is always room at His feet.