Bible Journalling January 2017

Bible Journalling January 2017

I try to remember to take a scan of the black and white version before painting but as you can see I sometimes forget. Enjoy. I hope you Join me on my Facebook Group Word of God Speak where I post my discoveries through art.

What I learned about Matthew 6:6: I don’t have to be eloquent before God. I only need to be myself. I need to be open and honest of what’s on my mind.

What I learned from Hebrews 4:12: What I am learning is that the Holy Spirit makes God’s Word come alive. Any passage will help me with instruction or correction. And God will ensure that he leads me to the passage I need to study for that day.

What I learned from Hebrews 4:16: We are so blessed to have the help we need to live holy lives here on earth and help others to do the same. It’s Jesus – all for Jesus.

What I learned from Jeremiah 33:3:  God is the One who can tell me things that I can’t possibly learn anywhere else. He helped me learn about what’s inside of me and how I could be creative, even learning to paint.


What I learned from Matthew 6:7-8: It is simple to connect with God when I take time to talk to Him. If I can get away from my thoughts and listen to His things work out much better.


What I learned from Psalm145:18: God does listen to me. Jesus made that all possible. He broke the veil between us and God. Thank You, Jesus. Knowing that God is listening has made an important impact on my life.