Last night God woke me at 2am to tell me, “You didn’t do what you promised.” (Well, not exactly in those words but it was very clear.)

After my writers’ conference I knew I had to get rid of my fear of writing for an audience. I pledged to Him I would write consistently. Things changed as I began this blog. I found it easier to find other writers to fill the spaces. Coordinating the emails. the bios, pictures and making files takes time.

That’s my problem. I like doing tasks. I am task-oriented. And obviously a procrastinator.

Last night I pledged to God again, that once a week I would write something and post it – about prayer. After that I fell into a deep restful sleep.

That’s not to say that I won’t have guest bloggers. I need to learn more about prayer, too. And I think variety will bless this blog.

Here is the piece I wrote this morning.

Convicted at 2am

by Jan Cox

Most nights I have a good sleep. Occasionally God wakes me at 2am. During these times I try to run through the past day. Did I do anything to hurt anyone? Did I say unkind words? Did I think unkind thoughts? If so I confess immediately.

If sleep still evades me I ask Him to show me the problem. It could be a sin of omission – I forgot to thank someone; I forgot to do something; I forgot a promise.

My problem last night was a promise I had made to God, a promise to be consistent in my writing. As I confessed this omission I felt a sense of peace and fell into a restful sleep.

A couple of nights ago, I couldn’t sleep either, but today I realize that I had forgotten to talk to God. That night I lay awake, uncomfortable for over two hours. No release.

Kimberley’s template of PATH will help me at those times. When my brain isn’t clear (as in 2am) I can picture a path and recall: Praise, Adoration, Thanksgiving and Help.


Lord, help me to to listen to Your call and to fulfill the promises I make. In Jesus’ name. AMEN