Creative Tuesdays – Twitters

Creative Tuesdays – Twitters

Watercolour – June 2015, Janis Cox

So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good (Genesis 1:21, NIV).

The prompt from Creative Tuesdays for this week was “Twitters” – and I know Michael expects little tiny birds. But my thoughts and heart went to the colourful toucan. I couldn’t resist trying to paint him. Then I became interested in where he lives, what he eats, why he has such a large beak. So here is what I found out.

Certainly God created each part of the toucan for a purpose.

The large beak has been found to be a type of thermal radiator (it cools the toucan).

The researchers assessed that heat loss from the adult toucan’s bill could account for as little as 25%7 to as much as 400% of resting heat production—the largest range so far observed in nature (from

Toucans are native to South America. And at the moment is not endangered. There are over 40 different species of toucans. They eat both plants and animals. Because of their colouring they use camouflage for protection.

I am the illustrator for Kimberley Payne’s, Adam’s Animals. It is filled with interesting information on over 30 different animals. I did not draw a toucan for the book but there are other very interesting animals discussed.


adam's animals web cover
I did not draw the cover but did all the illustrations inside the book. Janis Cox

Join us at Creative Tuesdays to find out what other artists saw when the prompt said: Twitters.

More interesting sites about toucans.

Not Just a Pretty Face – What an excellent article to explain why the toucan has such an enormous bill.

The toucan is better viewed as evidence of a purposeful Creator who created things for a purpose, on purpose (from

Strange but Special – This article reminded me of my children’s book, Tadeo Turtle –  a story that shows that we are all special in God’s eyes. We don’t need to change or prove ourselves to please others. We do need to change to please God.

But while the toucan is sleeping, what do you suppose it does with its long bill? – Find out the answer in the article Strange but Special.

The Toucan’s Bodacious Bill – A great article explaining more about the toucan – like what’s with the colourful beak?

Imagine having a protuberance on your face that reached down to your belly. That’d be a bit awkward. But when God designs a bird with a bodacious beak, you can be sure it’s something to strut about (Answers in Genesis).

And I guess he isn’t a real “Twitter” because the sound he makes is a croak. Could we pretend he is a “twitter” with laryngitis?


Certainly God created each part of the toucan for a purpose. But what’s with the big bill? (click to tweet)


Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request. Janis also is a contributor to Hope Stream Radio. Join her on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


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  1. actually, I’ve never quite know the name of this bird but now I do -toucan – strange name. I like the colorful beak.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  2. Yup Fruit Loops has the Toucan! This guy is lovely, and he’s still tiny enough to be a little Twitter. Especially love the colorful beak, great work!

  3. Hello Janis, your toucan is just gorgeous 🙂
    For me it’s ok that it’s a bit bigger than tiny,
    but mine are :))
    Have a wonderful day!
    Tinna ✐

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