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Blue Sky of Arizona
Arizona Home


From Skyline Park – overlooking the town of Haliburton

This word – HOME – hit me yesterday in my Bible study group. As we were praying in a group I suddenly saw myself like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Remember at the end before she clicked her ruby slippers together, she gave hugs all around to the friends she had met in Oz. Although she wanted to go home she cried because she was leaving special people.

Well I felt that way in my Bible study group – and as I told this in my prayer I started to cry too. I will be leaving this warm and caring group in Arizona to go back to my Canadian home. These friends have been outstanding “sistas” as they call themselves. Actually they call themselves Bible Babes. I love it.

But ‘home is where the heart is’ and really my home is back in Canada with my family. I do so miss them. I want the hugs of my kids and grandkids. I want to talk to my dear friends in Haliburton – catch up on their lives and be a part of my church family again.

I love it that we can spend time down here in Arizona – meet new friends, do outside activities, tap dance, take art classes,  walk together and enjoy the sunshine. But I am greatly looking forward to going home – with tears – yes because some people have become very dear to me. But with longing, too for my family.

Thank goodness for Internet – I hope to keep in touch with my new friends so when I return in November it will easy to continue our friendship.

To my family and Canadian friends – we will be home soon. Love you.



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  1. It sounds like you have the best of both worlds! I do so love home here on earth – in fact, I have to push myself to go places, sometimes – but I also have a longing for that other Home.

    I love the name of your bible study group – Bible Babes! It is wonderful that you have community wherever you go. And, yes, thank God for the Internet. It makes community possible wherever we are.

  2. I can sympathize. I’ve been places that I just didn’t want to leave because of the wonderful people I encountered there, but home is still home. Reading this post reminds me that there are so many special things and people I have met here on this earth, but yet, in the end, this world is not my home either.

    1. Agreed – this world isn’t our true home but it sure is nice to have for now, isn’t it. Friends, families, God-moments – all is good.

  3. My Bible study will end in a few weeks and I can empathize with your sentiments although I’m not moving anywhere. There is such sweet fellowship shared by fellow believers. It sounds like you have experienced a beautiful sojourn to Arizona, it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Found you through Stiletto Mama’s website and via Five Minute Friday. Lord bless you on your next HOME!

  4. You’ve been blessed to find people who love you in two very different places! Save travels as you go back home to Canada! (Visiting from Five Minute Friday).

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