Have You Had a Child-Like Conversation with God?

Questions for God

by Jan Cox

This week I had a long talk with God over several matters. I had written H.E.L.P. in my journal many times. So I lifted my concerns to him in this conversation which went something like this:

Me: “God, I am confused. I need to clarify what to do next.”

God’s Answer: “Just start and I will help.”

Me: “God, there is too much to do. I don’t know where to start.”

God’s answer: “Just start at any point and I will guide you and I will stop you if you go astray.”

Me: “But, God, I really feel inadequate. I can’t do this.”

God’s answer: “No – you are right – you can’t do this. But, I can. So just remember that and take another step.”

Me: “God, why are there so many problems? With so many things? And they seem to come at once?”

God’s answer: “I need you to trust me – for you to know that I have a handle on it. I have everything under control. And you know, problems give you growth.”

Have you had similar conversations with God? If not – try it.

And then to add to my answers a post from Michael Hyatt came into my Inbox – “Why You should Welcome problems”.

I like this quote from Max Lucado.

“For there are plenty of big jobs waiting for people who are not afraid of troubles.”

Counting my Blessings to 2000 – Gifts from God while all the family were at a cottage last week:

      • getting the boat to the cottage – and it was raining 
      • son was soaked but grandson kept under the tarp – a father protecting his son
      • watching the care of an old dog by my son-in-law and daughter
      • watching grandkids play together
      • walk through the forest and around the bay
      • finding pinecones
      • I am able to go up and down a billion stairs and down to waterfront and up a big big hill
      • back into town to shop – early in the morning – quiet!
      • playing SkipBo
      • playing Bean and Bananas
      • playing badminton
      • great meals – 3 big family meals a day (organized and planned by each member of family)
      • big big table for the 12 of us
      • watching the newest member (5 months) in paddleboat, on beach, with his cousins, sitting up and playing
      • stillness of the bay in early morning and early evening
      • playing Skipbo with a 5-year old
      • Spiderman – the 3-year old
      • celebrating 3 anniversaries
      • hopefully an end to a personal trial
      • awesome weather
      • lovely spot for a family week
      • great memories that will last a life-time

Jan Cox

Janis Cox - Author and Illustrator

Janis Cox

Jan, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published two devotionals and a number of articles for magazines and a Bible study. She is owner of Under the Cover of Prayer and moderates the site. She also writes at A Better Way. Jan has completed a children’s book called Tadeo Turtle. She is the watercolour illustrator. Word Alive will be publishing this story and it will be available later this summer. See more about Tadeo at Jan’s Website.



  1. Janis, this conversation makes me smile. I’ve been echoing your chat in my own quiet times with God. Sometimes when I’m wishing for a clear YES, He is wishing I’d just step into that place He’s nudging me toward and find out that He’s already there. Visiting you from Ann’s today. So glad I found you here 🙂

  2. Yes many times my journalling is like this – question – answer. I think it is great when He can turn our attention away from our crankiness towards His awesomeness, isn’t it.
    Hope your day went better.

  3. Interesting: When I journal I talk to God. Usually start off with a, Hello God or Dear God or Good morning Lord. This morning I started off on a not too positive note. Then before I could think I started to thank Him for my many blessings:)

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