How to Get off Track Easily from Being Intentional

Being Intentional – It’s not easy

I have five minutes – given the prompt “intentional” from Five mInute Fridays.

Set the timer: GO

When I heard the prompt this morning I thought, “yes I can write about that”. Then I had interruptions, lots of interruptions. Now it is 5 hours later (and still Friday) and I am being “intentional” once again.


There seems to be only one way I can work this intentionality and that’s to focus on the task and JUST DO IT.

I get waylaid too often. I have many things I write down to do but other things come up. Then I get distracted.

One of the worse distractions is my cell phone. I didn’t have a cell phone last year – at least one that worked with data, texting and lots of space to fill up. Now it has become my companion. And I think that’s not a good thing.

I am reading “Lord of the Rings” and as I read about the ring and Gandalf’s story about it being called “precious”, I thought aha. That’s what my cellphone has become. It has become my “precious”. The attraction of what’s going on, who is doing what, who needs me .. is too much. I have to check it.

I don’t want my cell phone to have POWER over me and my time.

I have found 3 ways I am working towards stopping my “Precious” from controlling me.

  1. Put it Away: I put it aside – somewhere NOT near me, or on silent, so I can’t wonder if  there is anyone there and be tempted to reach for it. I don’t have notifications alive for my social media so if I want to know I have to actually click and find out.
  2. Don’t Use it: I use my computer alone to check messages, and emails (and when I am writing I shut those down too).
  3. Use a Timer: I use Pomodoro, a timer, to tell me when 30 minutes is up – the maximum time I should sit without a break. Then I take a break and go back for another 30 minutes.

I want to be intentional in my writing, studying and painting. But I know that this one distraction can make havoc of my plan. How Can I be Intentional?

But then again I have another distraction and it is called “hubby”. He just came in. And thank goodness the timer has gone off and the 5 minutes are up.

In one place I am super intentional and that’s my time with God. I do get up every morning and I do study and pray. My cell phone is OFF. I concentrate on God alone.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33, ESV).

Do you want to find that intentionality? Please read below and join me.

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  1. Jan, I love the analogy to “my precious”. You are so right. We can be blindsided by what we begin to think is our ” need”, when really it is an addiction or obsession forming. Oh yes, I am guilty and always trying to check it. I don’t have a smart phone but I do have a tablet. Lately I have been trying to leave the tablet at home when I go out, so as not to distracted by it. Im #24 on fmf

    1. Mary,
      Thank you. As I read the Lord of the Rings I am captivated about the underneath teachings. What is our “precious”. What has power over us? I might be writing more about this because it happens to all of us and not just cell phones.
      The word “distract” is so true. What did we do without them? Live, learn, grow… but there are positives for connections if we use them wisely.

    1. Janis, I think cell phones can be a blessing AND a curse. Yes, they are quick to distract us. Like you I have to turn mine off or put it on “Do Not Disturb” if I want to do something productive. I must be intentional. I like that you set a timer. I do that too.

      Great post!

      1. Jeanne,
        i agree totally – blessing that I can communicate with others much easier and quicker than before. Family especially. But I am getting better – not great – at putting it aside and trying to be focused and present in the moment I am otherwise nothing would get done.

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