This week is Write!Canada, a conference for writers. I know I will have no time to post for Friday so am doing it now – you will see it Friday if all goes well.

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My Inbox

by Jan Cox

My Inbox

I am learning more and more to trust in God. I have written many posts this year on the “me” factor and how it inhibits my growth with God. Relying on “me” can be frustrating and exhausting.


If I look at my Inbox, I see too much. I panic and say “I can’t do all that!”

But if I look to God, He says, “I am here. Look to me and not to your Inbox.”

Then I can focus on Him. He helps me calmly DO one task at a time. And they all get done – miraculously.

Oswald Chambers says:

“It is much easier to Do something than to trust God. We mistake panic for inspiration. That is why there are so few fellow workers WITH God and so many workers FOR Him” (June 1). (emphasis mine)

Oswald asks:

“Am I quite sure that God will do what I cannot do?” (June 1).

Here is what Scripture says:

“I can do ALL things in Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV).

This all ties in with a Bible study I am leading with a group of women. Grace Fox has written a study called, Moving From Fear to Freedom: A Woman to Woman Conversation. We are learning strategies to push past our fears and blocks. One strategy stressed is:


As I spend more time with God, praying and studying His Word, He is teaching me that:

Yes, I am quite sure that God will do what I cannot do.”

Oswald Chambers says:

“The degree of panic is the degree of lack of personal spiritual experience” (June 1).

Tough statements.

I will panic… and when I do, I remind myself, “STOP! Look to God.”

Panic cannot live in the same place as God. “Go to the right place. Choose God.”

May all of us, Lord, look to You – You alone. You can do ALL things because Christ can give us the strength. Help me to continue marching towards complete and utter trust in You. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

My Gratitude list for this week – shortened because I head out for the conference on Tuesday. I am at 1464

      • sleeping very well
      • beautiful sunshine for Mom’s committal service (forecasters called for rain – 90%)
      • cousins who drove from far away to attend the service
      • everything went well for the service – lovely flowers, and Canadian flags to commemorate DDay


      • chatting and catching up in a restaurant before heading home
      • emails of my cousins – now we can connect
      • seeing a license plate in front of us with my maiden name  – Mom’s name (don’t know if legal to print it – but I took a picture) – miracle
      • watching grandkids in the pool
      • grandpa and granddaughter play another game of Trouble
      • lovely dinner before our drive back home
      • Sunday service – 100th anniversary of our church’s sanctuary
      • bagpipes greeted us

      • beautiful canopy with balloons

      • lots and lots of people
      • excitement of upcoming Write!Canada conference
      • grandnephew fell off porch; went to hospital with a concussion but after cookie and ice cream is fine and going home