Thankful, Grateful Hearts

Last June I met Ann Voscamp at Write!Canada, a conference for Canadian writers and editors who are Christian. God had placed on my heart during those few days my need to write a prayer blog. Ann placed on my heart that there was no need for comments on this blog – it was a time for the God and for the reader.

This week Ann has launched her new book called, One Thousand Gifts, published by Zondervan. The success of her blog and this book she gives entirely to God – More about this book can be found at One Thousand Gifts.

Ann blogs at A Holy Experience.

You can get your copy of this book at DaySpring, or Amazon or your local bookstore. Start reading the first chapter online and you will be hooked. She has such a way with words – it is like floating along, feeling her every nuance. There is even a book club at Bloom (In) Courage.

Many of her posts have been specifically on prayer and I try to repost when I can. But, since living with God is living daily in prayer each of her posts brings the reader closer to God.

If you haven’t visited her blog I encourage you to do so.


We thank you Lord, for all your blessings. We thank you particularly for inspiring Ann to write One Thousand Gifts. As we talk to you, and yes, listen to You, please inspire us to follow Your plan. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.