UCW 50th Anniversary

We had a different service on Sunday this week. Our UCW (United Church Women) took the whole service. Kay Moore did an excellent job of organizing and delegating the jobs. I heard many comments after the service at how lovely it had been.

Looking at the UCW, as Kay did during Children’s Time, we saw all the tasks these women provide for the church.


They collect pop and single serving can lids (wheelchairs) , stamps (Bible prison ministry), eye glasses, milk bags for Haiti, and the Fellowship of the Least Coin (helping women across the world).


Luncheons for funerals, for raising funds and just for eating.


Monthly gatherings for women to study the Bible, prayer and fellowship.

The theme for the day was a Tapestry of Love. We heard four stories from the Bible retold by Betty Turcotte’s stories in Ordinary Heroes. We learned about the Samaritan woman, Huldah, the Prophetess, Joanna, and the Shunammite Woman.

Kay did a wonderful children’s time, dressing up in 1950s garb of hat and gloves. She made us laugh when she recounted that women were known as Mrs. Bruce Smith, Mrs. Charles Tidd and so on. She said women were known by their husband’s name. She gave us a clear understanding of all that the UCW does for the church, the community and for missions.

We sang new songs from Voices United. I liked the words from “I, the Lord of Sea and Sky” – “Here I am Lord…. I will go, Lord”.

The UCW recognized with a pin, women who had been part of UCW for over 50 years. Large print Bibles were donated to the church in memory of UCW women who have gone to be with Jesus in the past year.

All in all a great morning. Thank you to all the women who participated and gave of their time.


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