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Unlikely Warriors

Every Wednesday morning, a small group of women gathers in our church for prayer. They come to connect with one another in the presence of a loving and powerful God. They believe God is interested in the details of their lives.

The coffee is always hot, the atmosphere relaxed and inviting. Most ladies have at least one prayer request to share with the others. Some bring needs, others praise. Nothing is considered too big or too trivial for God’s attention.

The prayers don’t stop at personal concerns. Global missions, community and national issues, and others’ needs are all included. One visitor described the experience as reminiscent of a crisis control centre.

Most churches have groups such as this. They’re like a backbone or a ribcage: unseen, yet playing a key role in supporting the body of Christ. I don’t think our church would have survived some of its crisis times, or enjoyed some of its victories, without the intercession of a handful of these faithful prayer warriors.

Word is getting around that prayer is effective. Neighbours ask the group to pray in times of trouble. The results don’t come from any special talent on the part of those gathered to pray. They come from the One who hears the prayers. The women ask in faith, and wait for God to act.

The group has seen God do amazing things. Houses have been bought and sold. People have found work. Church business meetings have gone smoothly. Loved ones have come to the Lord. Lost items have reappeared. Some of the sick have been healed. The  families of those who died have been comforted.

God’s answers are not always what was expected. Many times they have been “Yes,” but at other times, “No.” Sometimes the response has been “Not yet.” The ladies persevere. These answers to prayer have taught them about God’s character. They can trust their Lord to work in the best way, and the best time.

The ladies’ prayer meeting is a time of bonding closer with God and with their fellow ‘pray-ers’. They are encouraged by hearing another’s voice interceding on their behalf, and draw strength from one another and from their sovereign Lord.

Thank God for these little pockets of prayer throughout our country and around the globe. They look like unlikely warriors against the darkness in life, yet they accomplish more than our corporations and politicians do, because they listen for God’s voice and pray for divine intervention in our world.


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