UTCOP: How Can We Pray Across the Miles?

How Can We Pray Across the Miles?

by Tanya


Recently I had a need for prayer. My mind was led back to a prayer group that another blogger belonged to. The thing about this prayer group was that the member were thousands of miles away from me.

Earlier that same week, while doing research in preparation for homeschool, I stumbled upon a blog post about how one homeschool family organizes their day. One of the things they do every morning is to pray for some child in a war torn country, and a specific person of interest.

Then it hit me. These people were praying for people they had never met in person, they had never spoken one word to, yet somehow God had impressed on them to pray for those people.

Then I remembered my own prayer need and that this prayer group had done the same for me. In fact I have been added to their weekly prayer list- a stranger thousands of miles away. And I have done the same for others I have never met personally, but whose stories had touched me and I think it would be safe to say that many if not all of us have prayed for someone(s) we have never met.

Why? Because we believe in the power of prayer!

I’ve seen it in my own life. I’ve heard people talk about their own experiences. I’ve read about the power of prayer and of praying for others.

Prayer is real! There’s no denying it.

Oh those prayers that are being prayed for faces we have never seen and people we have


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