Whole: Five Minute Friday

Whole: Five Minute Friday

I am giving myself a “whole” five minutes to write this post. Today I am rejoining Five Minute Friday where all we do is write.

The prompt is WHOLE.


As soon as I saw that word I thought of my testimony. In 2001 I became whole. Before that I didn’t know who I was. I lived. I enjoyed. I cared. But I had no purpose – no idea why I was here.

In that moment in 2001 when I asked Jesus to reveal Himself to me – and He did – I became whole. I knew He created the universe. I understood God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I felt renewed, energized and excited to see where God would lead me.

It has been an interesting time during those intervening years  – new friendships – real ones; creativity – in writing, in painting, in speaking and even culinary arts. New ideas. Learning and learning more of everything but especially His Word.

I know He is in charge. I know He has plans for our lives. I know He can change us. IF WE LET HIM. (tweet this)

My trust has expanded. My faith has exploded. My caring is growing.

I have learned to forgive. I have learned to open up my heart and soul.

I see more. I hear more.

I am at peace almost 100 percent of the time.

I love to be whole because now I am starting to know me and like me. I am more confident in new situations. I rely on God 24/7.

and in Christ you have been brought to fullness (Colossians 2:10, NIV).

Time is up.

Do you want to write for 5 minutes? You don’t need a blog – you can write on your Facebook page. Linking to Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday is easy.

Blessings to everyone,




  1. Visiting from FMF. Thanks for sharing the story of what God has done in your life. I love how he changes us and gradually makes us whole.

  2. Thank you for sharing your testimony and encouragement. Visiting from FMF. I love the picture that through becoming whole you became more.

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