My Missionary Musings

by Jan Cox

Almost one week has gone by since I flew home from Poland (via Berlin and London). I had a fabulous two weeks of discovery, connections and faith building. We had lots of prayer times.

Here are some thoughts that I jotted down in my journal about what I learned about God:

  • God works in people’s lives
  • God helps them (and us) to gain a better perspective on their situations
  • God uses us (missionaries) to show His love and to teach His word
  • God’s Word is POWERFUL
  • God helps me stay calm in situations where I could lose control
  • God gives me words when I know I could not have thought of them myself
  • God gave us all strength when were we at the end of our own physical stamina
  • God builds relationships of trust
  • God is the same – in Poland, here and everywhere

As I try to regroup I find that He is teaching me new things. In my week of adjustment I took a sabbatical  – a rest to reenergize, refocus and renew. So I am learning:

  • To wait on Him
  • That He has a plan and I don’t need to rush ahead of Him
  • He will put things in place
  • That although I may be a part of His plan it is not about ME
  • Relationship building is as important here in my little village as it is in Poland
  • My morning time with Him is even more important than before
  • Memorizing scripture is important (and I will try to catch up to my Colossians Scripture Memorizing group)

As I readjust to living in Haliburton and listen to Him I urge all of you to take time for a “Sabbath” rest and be still before Him.


Lord I pray a blessing for those I left behind in Poland, the campers, and the pastors and their families. I pray for my mission team as they readjust to their lives. I ask for Your peace to settle over everyone; for Your inspiration so we can carry out Your plan. In Jesus’ name we pray. AMEN.

My Gratitude List book was left at home while I travelled. I will continue to count God’s gifts. But here are some of the things I had written before I left home. (up to 256)

  • Discipline to keep regular blog posts
  • Hubby barbecuing between rain showers
  • God-incident meeting with a friend to clean up a misunderstanding
  • A great VBS
  • Tired cranky children (reminds me to remember the HALT method of proactive parenting)
  • Loving daughters
  • Swimming in the lake
  • Seeing generosity in people’s hearts
  • Another fawn in the backyard
  • Blue blue cloudless skies
  • My prayer team for my mission trip to Poland


Jan Cox

Jan, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published two devotionals and a number of articles for magazines and a Bible study. She is owner of Under the Cover of Prayer and moderates the site. She also writes at A Better Way. Jan has written a children’s book in which she is also the watercolour illustrator. She hopes to publish it sometime.