Are Letters Becoming a Lost Art?

Letters – Scribble Picnic There are so many stories about letters that I couldn’t decide at first. After mulling this around I decided on the emotional ones. My Dad and Mom met in 1945 on a blind date in November. By the end of December they were engaged and married in April 1946. My Dad,… Continue reading Are Letters Becoming a Lost Art?


What are Your Tin Gods? Jan Cox looks at her life and others to see if we too have tin gods like the Old Testament. What can DISTRACT you “from gaining hold of your Saviour and maintaining that vital connection throughout their day!:?


Connected by Jan Cox “My kingdom,” said Jesus, “doesn’t consist of what you see around you”  (John 18:36 The Message). When we arrived at our winter residence, I expected to pick up where I had left off last April. As I had hoped the water ran, the hydro and phone worked. Wonderful! But when I… Continue reading CONNECTED


Can Prayer be Good for Me? by Jan Cox In the past few weeks I have challenged myself to be more disciplined in prayer. Then I asked myself – why? Why do I pray? The “self” part of me says: “I can do everything. I can cope. I do not need help. But if I… Continue reading CAN PRAYER BE GOOD FOR ME?


My Missionary Musings by Jan Cox Almost one week has gone by since I flew home from Poland (via Berlin and London). I had a fabulous two weeks of discovery, connections and faith building. We had lots of prayer times. Here are some thoughts that I jotted down in my journal about what I learned… Continue reading MY MISSIONARY MUSINGS

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