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Today I am piggy-backing on Five Minute Friday from Gypsy Mama.

I have five minutes to write – on the topic – Every Day.


Every Day

When I first understood who Jesus really was – excitement entered my soul.

I used to turn over in the morning at the sound of the alarm and moan – “not another day”; I used to sleep in until the last moment.

Jesus changed all that. Now every day is a new day – a new day in Christ. He never fails to show me something.

I wake without an alarm, every day around 6am. After stretching for a minute or two I roll out of bed quietly, not to disturb hubby sleeping beside me, don my housecoat and head for my tea, banana and Bible. This is my favourite time of day.

Reading His word prepares me for the day ahead. Praying brings me in tune with the Holy Spirit. I breathe; I feel His Presence; I remember that He is in charge.

Then I know that no matter what happens during the day, He will carry me through. Each day I get closer and closer. Sometimes I even remember during the day to thank Him for little things; sometimes I remember to pray for little things. Most times I do feel Him as we walk side by side together.


Your turn,

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About ten years ago I wrote a poem and illustrated my feelings about a new day. Here it is.

A New Day

Each new day awakens
A sense of wonder.

What will I see?
Where will I go?
Whom will I meet?

A sense of adventure
Awaits the rising of the sun.

Renewed from a good sleep
I am rejuvenated
To experience all the wonders
God has in store for me.

Jan Cox

2 Corinthians 4:16

“we are being renewed day by day.”



    1. Yes, teaching us – if we pay attention to His leadings. He prompts us through others as well and if we listen we will learn.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  1. What lovely words you have shared with us! This is my hope for each day, that I would remember these words you wrote: “Now every day is a new day – a new day in Christ. He never fails to show me something.”

  2. Hi Jan,

    Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading your wonderful witness! God is so awesome may you continue to be richly blessed! Enjoy this day …Saturday.

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