3 Methods for Praying Over Your Family

3 Methods for Praying Over Your Family

by Jen Cudmore

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The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing, and it’s important to lift up our family consistently to the Lord. When it comes to praying for our spouse and children, there are three methods we can use.

1) Short, Spur-of-the-moment prayers:

These occur during our day and often in the midst of what we’re doing in the moment. When a concern comes to mind, we lift it up to the Lord in a sentence or two and more on. These are prayers such as “God, help my daughter to ignore that girl who annoys her, the one she now has to sit next to at school.” or “God, help my son to do well on that math test that he studied so hard for.” or “God, give my husband an extra boost of strength today while he works on this new project.”

2) Specific trials/lesson prayers:

These are when your family faces a particular issue that’s difficult. The prayers are focused and specific to that struggle, and typically we pray these multiple times over a week, month, or year. For example, when my daughter became friends with a girl that often manipulated her, I took it to the Lord on many occasions, praying I would be patient and that my daughter wouldn’t be hurt too badly during this learning process. When my son struggled to turn in his homework for a couple years, I prayed often that he would understand and accept responsibility. And when my husband was working two jobs, one of which was a graveyard shift, I prayed every day for extra strength and endurance.

3) Intentional blessing prayers:

These are for planning ahead. If we wait until each negative situation comes along, then we tend to focus more on “God, help!” We need to be intentional and pray for protection, wisdom, and grace before our family encounters a difficult situation. We must pray for the schools our children attend, the staff they interact with, their peers and friends. We need to pray for their relationship with Christ and that they stay grounded in their faith so they are strong when they face daily temptations. All three methods have their purpose and must be utilized.

But no matter what method you prefer or use the most, be sure you’re praying over your family!

Unleash God’s power in your family by seeking Him in every aspect of their lives. And your own as well!


Father, thank you so much for my family. I wish to be a good steward of my home. Make me into the wife and mother You wish me to be. Show me how to pray for my family, and may I always be open to Your prompting for each individual. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Unleash God’s power in your family by seeking Him in every aspect of their lives. (click to Tweet).

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