Another Factor in Conversation with God

We have talked a lot about praying to our Father. We have discussed persistent prayer, healing prayer, prayers for our nation and the world, prayers for governments, prayers for strangers, and prayer for revival. We have discussed waiting for God, night prayers, and miracles.

Today I want to talk about the other side of conversation – listening.

From as far back as I can remember I have been taught by my parents and teachers that I have to LISTEN. As soon as I am in a conversation my mind starts to whirl and I have trouble holding back my thoughts and ideas. I want to get my “two cents” worth in. A very bad habit.

This tendency translated over to my prayer life. I talked a lot to God. I told Him my troubles, worries and concerns. I laid down all the intercessory prayers for others. I blabbed and blabbed.

Suddenly I realized that if I never stopped talking to God I would never hear His answer. I had to learn to listen.

To still my mind – and let go of all thoughts, distractions and noise – what was I thinking? How could I do that?

My first “listening session” lasted less than five minutes. But, I was still and during that time of no outside influences I felt a peace (although a quick one).

Over time I have been able to extend this so that now I can sit still doing nothing but basking in the love of God, doing nothing but listening to Him, for a long time.

I know all the excuses. I have used them:

I am too busy.

I get interrupted.

I can’t sit still that long.

Next week I will tell you my secret – what worked for me.



Father we desire to hear from You. Sometimes we don’t know how to do this. Help us to learn how to listen for Your voice. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.