Our post today is by Kari Minter creator of Examen.me.

That overwhelmed feeling.  It creeps up suddenly and usually occurs when we are entering new situations that we haven’t yet mastered.   A few weekends ago, I was in an overwhelming situation as I ran in my first half marathon.  Arriving at the race early that morning was overwhelming. Everyone around me seemed so confident and so sure of everything they were doing that I was almost scared to ask questions. I didn’t want to appear to be unprepared or ill equipped to run such a race, so I stayed silent.  Silent and overwhelmed.

Our walk with the Lord can sometimes enter the same realm of being overwhelmed.  As we accept Christ, we are often told to “read your Bible and pray” but are then left with the question “how do we do that?”  Everyone around us seems like a pro, but yet we are often scared to ask questions and so are left unsure of exactly what it means to “read our Bible and pray.”

This is one of the reasons EXAMEN.me was created.  We desired to teach people how to sit in the presence of God, read their Bible, journal their thoughts and conversations, and, above all, begin to see what it truly means to read your Bible and pray.  This foundational aspect of the Christian faith should not be overwhelming, and EXAMEN.me desires to enable the user discover the joy that comes from time with the Lord.

The website is a free, easy to use website that enables the user to focus on sitting in the presence of God.  There are plenty of books about prayer, sermons about prayer, and lectures about prayer, but the founder of EXAMEN.me wanted to create a place where people could go and actually be taught how to pray by simply guiding them through prayers.  There are  prayer Examens that help focus you to sit in the presence of God, and there are scripture Examens that allow you to read God’s word, listen to God’s word, and journal your conversation with God along the way.

The goal of the site is to point people to Christ and to allow the user to learn to “read their Bible and pray” on a daily basis.  We hope you will check out the site, share it with your friends, and above all discover the joy that comes from sitting with our Savior.