Approaching God the Father

By T. L. Wiens

I was blessed in life to have a wonderful dad. He demonstrated everything a father should be. He loved me and showed it through his actions. I could count on his praise when I’d earned it and his discipline when needed.

My husband did not grow up with that blessing. His dad is disconnected. The only time I’ve heard the two of them talk in audible voices is when his dad is accusing him of something. There is never any praise or even small talk between them.

The difference between my husband and I has had a deep affect on the way we approach our Heavenly Father. I move forward in eagerness, ready to embrace Him. My husband shies away, afraid of condemnation.

Jesus taught His disciples to pray and likewise, we need to teach those around us coming to the faith the same thing. With the breaking down of the family and the number of absentee fathers at an all time high, I think we need to be gentle when showing them how to approach the Father. Make sure we show Him as a loving God and that involves praise and discipline—not abuse.

I have lost my earthly dad but I know my greatest comfort is that I have my heavenly father to wrap His arms around me in my times of loneliness. He is “a father of the fatherless.” (Psalms 68:5) Let’s make sure those around us find him approachable, ready to take His children on His knee.