Driving Along

I find the best time to pray is in my car when I am alone. I turn up my CD with my Christian praise and worship songs and I sing my heart to God.

As I listen to the words I fill my soul with how much I love our God.

Hosanna by Paul Baloche

I listen to what Jesus has done for me.

I’ve been Crucified with Christ by Robin Mark

I feel the pain of others as I listen to Trading my Sorrows by Darrell Evans

What a way to drive! The time goes so quickly.

Sometimes I turn down the sound and pray out loud. God gives me the people to pray for.

I check out the sky – it was glorious the other day – a perfect blue with no clouds. The leaves were sparkling in the sunlight.

I praise Him who made such wonder. And I sing:

Rise Up and Praise Him by Paul Baloche

and That’s Why We Praise Him by Tommy Walker


Father, we thank You for the ways we can pray to you. We thank You for the gift of song. We thank You for beautiful drives in the country. Hallelujah! In Jesus’ name. AMEN