Being Called to Pray

I have noticed lately that God is revealing more people that need prayers. Each day it seems new names come forward. I used to think I needed to keep a long list of these requests. But they became so many it overwhelmed me.

I have come to believe He wants me to pray as requests come in. Not – I’ll pray for you later– but let’s pray now.

As an Internet prayer comes in – I stop and lift that person to God. And then I reply, writing the prayer to that person and possibly a Scripture if one comes to mind.

When someone mentions a need in conversation, I am not as comfortable asking, “Would you like me to pray”? But it is getting easier.

I do keep a list of request for prayers for recurring names and pray from that list each morning along with family and friends. However during the day I let the Holy Spirit guide my prayers. I believe this is part of living prayer, as I have learned from The Workbook of Living Prayer, by Maxi Dunnam.


Father, lead us to pray for others. Whatever way we talk to You help us to continue this conversation. Help us to find a way that is right for us to pray for others. But above all else keep us praying. In Jesus’ Name. AMEN