Can I Learn God’s Holy Word?

by Janis Cox

Can I Memorize Scripture?

Have you ever been told by God that something is important?

I find that when I get something shown to me in a number of ways and at different times – I am supposed to pay attention.


I am a stubborn creature.

I am the king of excuses.

I want to do my thing.

I want the easier way out.

Last year, Ann Voskamp challenged her followers to memorize Colossians – the whole book. I tried, really I did. I even tried working online with Scripture Typer.

But, I got sidetracked. 

Now I can’t remember much of what I learned.

This September I attended a biblical storytelling conference. The ability of these men and women to recite Scripture and tell stories astounded me. Exciting. Powerful. I loved every minute of it. I came away pumped.

But, I got sidetracked.

I arrived in Arizona and joined the end of a Bible study based on James – Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore. Part of the challenge of this study was to memorize the Book of James. I didn’t even try. Lots of excuses.

This past Tuesday we heard three women recite the Book of James. Powerful. Exciting.

And to top it off – one of the questions in our study was:

What is holding you back from following what God has set for you to do?

So I am trying again.

One tip I received:

      • Read the Scripture
      • Write the Scripture
      • Build on it as you memorize (like practising the piano – go over it and over it – little bits – until you get it right.
      • Repeat

Have you tried to memorize Scripture?

How successful have you been?

What methods do you use?


Father, You have spoken to me. I know what you want me to do. Help me to follow Your desires. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Counting to 2000 – One Thousand Gifts – Two Thousand Gifts?.

        • a cloudy day with a few raindrops in the desert
        • herons keeping watch 
Heron Keeps Watch
        • birthday party for a Bible Babe
        • getting organized (binder, place for folders)
        • solutions to computer glitches
        • learning to take my time
        • speaking French with a friend
        • Skyping my daughter and grandbaby
        • BIG FAITH sermon at Broadway Christian Church
        • videocam with daughter and grandchildren
        • funny faces of grandchild
        • daughter happy teaching kindergarten
        • watching Lola and Snowball walk together
        • help from different sources – God-led I am certain
        • Facetime with my granddaugther
        • rabbits in the desert
Rabbit in the Desert
        • God continues to wake me at 6am
        • friends at The Word Guild and Inscribe
        • healing of a sore back
        • memories of my Mom
        • reviewing One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
        • “Praying with eyes wide open is the only way to pray without ceasing” – Ann Voskamp


“praying with eyes wide open is the only way to pray without ceasing”. Ann Voskamp
        • seeking answers by reading the Bible
        • preparing to step out without fear
        • goal to memorize Scripture


  1. Jan, What I memorized as a child has stayed with me. Unfortunately, though I know a lot of scripture, I can no longer say it verbatim. Like you, I tried. I believe some people have a gift for memorization but it is not mine. But I do read it and write the Word out and meditate on it. Rose Harmer.

    1. What I memorized as a child has stayed with me too. Also when I did vacation Bible School in the past few years the songs which were words to scripture have stuck in my head. But like you – I really have to work at memorizing now. I think I need to pray for Holy Spirit guidance. I am working slowly and carefully … repeating and repeating. Some is going in. Finally. And reading it and meditating on is important – I agree.

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