Coming Home

I thought I had better write this before I leave in case I am still in jet lag and shock on my return and forget to post something about my mission to Poland. I return on August 3 and this post is for August 6.

One thing I thought about as I got ready to leave for Poland on July 20 was how blessed we are here in Canada and the United States. When I asked on a listserv in our retirement community in Mesa for donations for a children’s program for this mission, I was astonished with the generosity and abundance of materials. I also found many items at our thrift store who also donated the items.

As missionaries we are allowed 3 bags, so 1 of my bags is personal and the other two are crafts, games and “stuff” for the kids. The Lord blessed me with exactly what I needed.

I have a team of 10 people who volunteered to pray for me before, during and after my trip. There has been a fantastic freedom knowing that others are talking to God about me and my trip.

Next week I will tell you some of the highlights of my mission trip 2010.




Father, thank You for all you do for us. Help me to assimilate back into my community and continue on to do what You desire and go where You want. In Jesus’ name. AMEN