First We Say Sorry

by Mary Haskett

When a person first comes into relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the realization that God is real, the revelation can be almost overwhelming. There is joy and unspeakable elation. I remember going around with this silly grin on my face for weeks and then discovering through nurturing Christian friends that I could actually communicate with God, just as He had communicated with me.  I could pray!  When I pray I’m talking to God. That’s what we’re all doing if we think about it.

There are several aspects to prayer and one I learned early in my Christian walk was the need to be right and sincere before Him. This meant I had to ask forgiveness for any offence committed before the way was clear to talk. As the psalmist said in psalm 66, If I had sin in my heart the Lord would not have listened. The psalmist was in battle with enemy troops, and had prayed to God for help. A victorious day followed and he recognized immediately the victory came because he had been right before God.

I remember on one occasion I had harboured negative thoughts towards a woman who had hurt my children. No need to give details, but as a child of God I had to banish those thoughts and apologize to God before discussing my “prayer list” with Him. I found my burden lifted and I knew He was listening.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you for making a way for me. Thank you that I can come to you when I fail and you accept my apologies and listen to my prayers.


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