Today our guest blogger is Judith Lawrence. Judith takes us deeper in our spiritual journey as we think about minute by minute communion with God.

Contemplatives Without Cloisters

Lately, I’ve come across a number of references in spiritual books about ordinary people being contemplatives without cloisters, or mystics without monasteries. These people live their lives in a close relationship with God but do not wish to leave the life in which they currently find themselves—they do not wish to cut themselves off from their family or work and enter a separate community such as a convent. I count myself in that number.

It seems that many people desire to be mystics (i.e. people called to know God through divine mystery) outside a monastery; they desire to be one with the divine but don’t desire to leave the world in order to do this.

Is this possible? Can we be at one with God and remain in the situation we are now? If we are willing to pursue God’s call to be a mystic, I believe it is possible.

The call is to prayer, to be at one with the Sacred at any and every given moment of the day or night; answering this call allows us to be in the undercurrent of prayer, the continual flow of communion with God, throughout our days and nights; to see God’s leading in each and every moment whether the moment is revealed in dark’s difficulties or light’s luminescence.

Such a call is answered in faith that the Holy Spirit leads us along the spiritual pathway and enables us to grow in spiritual maturity whether the way is difficult or easy. We will encounter our share of hard times and our portion of easy times as we go through life but, whether hard or easy, all times are God’s times—our times with God.

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