by Jan Cox

If you have checked out the Clustrmaps on the right sidebar you may have noticed one little dot in Poland. I know that dot. How can that be, you ask?

Two years ago I went on my first mission trip to Poland with International Messengers. It certainly was a God-led moment. I had felt in my heart an urge to go on a mission trip. Friends had gone to Malawi, Mexico, and Kenya. However that didn’t seem to be what I felt in my heart called to do.

I prayed, “Please Lord help me to find where you want me to serve.” That day I saw on a listserv a posting from a friend, Grace Fox, who mentioned that she planned to go to Poland to serve with a group called International Messengers. They planned to teach English to the Polish people in a Family Camp situation. Suddenly I knew – this is what He wanted me to do.

I emailed her right away, got the information, and signed up. I thought I would teach English to adults – God had another plan. I learned to be flexible. There was a need for a children’s supervisor. I had the skills, the energy, and the excitement but teaching to kids who didn’t know any English? Could I?

The answer is yes. I could and I did with God as my helper. What an amazing experience.

Never have I felt the presence of God as strongly as on that trip. I saw miracles of provision, safety, and salvation. These are stories I can blog about in future posts.

God is here – we only have to look for Him. Once I had let go of my safety net (my home, my husband, my friends and family) I found Him. He had been there – but I had not seen Him in this way.

I met a lovely young woman there – Magda – and we have kept in touch by email since. Hence the dot on the map of Poland.

This year I am off again – to Poland. I will tell you more in my next post.


Lord, we pray for those who leave their homes to visit others in our world. We pray for protection and for Your presence in their lives and the lives of those who are left at home. I pray especially for Grace and Gene Fox as they travel to Romania this week – may you bless their time there Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN

In His Service,