CREATIVE SATURDAYS – Oobleck Tadeo Turtle

Creative Saturdays – Oobleck Tadeo Turtle

When my children were little we loved the book called Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss. When I saw a sensory play called Oobleck I was hooked.

Bartholomew and the Oobleck

I couldn’t resist trying the recipe for Oobleck while I visited my daughter.


While she cleaned up the kitchen I played with Oobleck. What a great sensory play.

Here are great instructions from Scientific American and from Dr. Seuss Instructables.

How to make Obleck:

This is so simple as all you need is cornstarch and water. Yup – just cornstarch and water.

I put some cornstarch in a bowl. I added a little water and started to stir. It feels clumpy to start with but soon turns to syrup. The more water – the more syrupy. And sometimes it feels hard – sometimes runny. You can tap it, you can grab it but then it turns runny again.

Tonight I decided to add food colouring. Watching it swirl captivated me.



Oobleck coloured green

Then I tried making a Tadeo Turtle on waxed paper. Don’t do this as the waxed paper rips.

So I transferred the Oobleck to a plate. It is easy to move as it becomes a solid for a little while.

Oobleck a liquid or a solid?
Oobleck Tadeo Turtle
Starting to form Tadeo Turtle using Oobleck

As I manipulated the Oobleck it would find its own spot. I learned to take some out and put it other places as I created Tadeo Turtle.

Oobleck Tadeo Turtle
Tadeo turtle is almost finished.


Oobleck Tadeo Turtle
Here is the finished Tadeo Turtle using oobleck.

Surprise. I went back to check on Oobleck Tadeo Turtle and he had hardened. So I was able to use a toothpick and add details. I think you could do this on a board, then when it was fully hardened you could podgy it to keep. You could add colour too. My husband says he wants the plate back – so my Oobleck Tadeo will have to be demolished.

But here he is:

Oobleck Tadeo Turtle Hardened

I had a great time with Oobleck and I am sure your children will too.

Please check out more about my book Tadeo Turtle on Tadeo’s Page. You will find more activities at the back of my book. And a 24 page curriculum is available if you ask.

Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

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