Creative Tuesdays – The Greatest Gift

Creative Tuesdays – The Greatest Gift


The prompt this Tuesday was Gift. Check out all the other posts at Creative Tuesdays.

This watercolour was painted in analogous colours. Those are the colours on the colour wheel close to each other. I chose green as my main colour because to me green = life. And blue represents the sky and water, and our lives are tied to both.

About gifts:

I am not a “gift giver” or a “gift receiver”. Things don’t bless me. I guess it all started when Christmas got out of hand (we cut back on that), and when I had joined a sorority that expected secret sisters to buy gifts for each other. That got out of hand too. How much stuff can we get?

As a public school teacher we had a hard time at Christmas and the end of the year with gifting. It made it hard for poorer families to keep up with the other families. My collection of mugs could start a store (but I have since given them to our thrift store). The best gift I ever received over the years was a letter from a family explaining that they had helped a child in another country have a needed operation in my name. Now that gift brought tears to my eyes. Such a blessing to know that they thought of me as the recipient of that gift.

Now just because I am not one who doesn’t like gift giving doesn’t mean others don’t. In Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, receiving gifts is one of the love languages. An excellent book of how to relate to others, particularly our spouses.

But for me – that is not one of my love languages.

However, there is one gift that I will cherish forever and it comes from Romans 6:23 (NIV).

The gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

That is the real gift that changed me and my life forever.

To know that I can live forever with God is the greatest gift of all.

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The best gift of all is eternal life in Jesus. (tweet this)


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  1. My love language is also gifts… something that I was always ashamed of on the receiving side; it seemed selfish and not very spiritual. But I’ve come to appreciate that side of myself and realize that the enjoyment of receiving a thoughtful, loving gift is also balanced by the enjoyment of giving to others. Lovely post, Jan!

  2. that’s a lovely, well drawn gift there, Janis. Well done. Added you to the sing up so others could see your contribution but realised you likely didn’t sing up as you didn’t want to win anything. that’s ok. I entered you anyway but your number didn’t come up. You are safe! ๐Ÿ™‚ Winner announced tomorrow.

    And, yes, I think it is bonkers how much people give to teachers. Every teacher I know has more candy and gifts at xmas that they can handle. I suspect though, contrary to what you say, you do love to give even tangible gifts, if you know it “blesses” someone, whether that is money to a shelter, clothes for a homeless person, a meal for a loved one or what have you.

    Thanks for your contribution!

    1. Michael,

      That’s really strange about the sign up. I did sign up and wondered why I wasn’t in the same order. Thanks for adding me. And I would have accepted the gift and regifted to my friend Kimberley. It was great to know she thrives on gifts.

      And yes I do give enjoy very much giving to others. I guess it’s the stuff that doesn’t come from the heart or make sense to me that I wrestle with. There is so much “stuff” in our dumps that I think thrift stores, garage sales and auctions are a blessing. Crass consumerism is what I get upset with; people using money they don’t have either themselves or for others gets them into trouble. A hug, a kindness, a help would be better for the soul and pocketbook. I’m not a Hallmark person. Lol.


  3. Janis, wonderful watercolor painting. Lovely flow of your colors. ๐Ÿ™‚ I did have a question for you as I’m a bit puzzled and I do mean this out of respect and nothing less – how can you say you’re not a gift receiver yet you’ve said accepted and are thankful for the gift of Jesus…aka eternal life? Happy Creative Tuesdays! :_

    1. Alexandra,
      Got me there … you are right. I guess I should have said a physical gift receiver and giver. You caught me for sure. Put it down to a last minute posting and jet lag. I painted the picture quickly Monday night on day one of jet lag after attending a writers’ conference for 4 days. I do accept the gift of life from Jesus.

      I also accept the gift of forgiveness.

      Blessings to you,


  4. Great watercolor work on this piece! I think to give and receive can be a beautiful thing, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, like you mentioned in your sorority situation. What matters most is that a gift, whether tangible or not, has love behind it. Wonderful job!

    1. Tracy,
      You always encourage me. I love participating because it gets me to just paint. It reminds of the writing prompt I used to write for … Five Minute Fridays. That was a great way to get me to write.

  5. Janis, I love your painting of the gift. Green is my favorite colour, so it caught my attention when you mentioned it represents life. And I agree that salvation is the greatest gift of all.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  6. Jan, my number one Love Language is gift giving!! I take pride in finding the exact gift that I know will bless someone’s heart. I often start Christmas shopping early in September to find that perfect gift. And I love receiving gifts. Especially when it’s obvious that the person knows me and put thought into what I’d like. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Kimberley,
      I will have to remember to show my love by giving you a gift. Thanks. You bless me with your kind spirit, encouragement and hugs.

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