Crucified With Christ

Crucified With Christ – Word of God Speak

Today I read a devotional from UBC devotional about the need to be crucified with Christ daily.

Here are my thoughts about the devotional and using some of his words.

We can’t be like Christ on our own. We need to acknowledge that fact. Our desires are naturally counter Christ. Each day we ask Jesus to help us put down our natural desire and take us to the cross instead. Check out Galatians 2.

Here are some thoughts to consider on being Crucified With Christ:

  1. Satan doesn’t sleep. He never takes a vacation. Therefore we need protection with prayers and study each day.
  2. We need to identify the sin that is in us. Our greatest weaknesses are where Satan will attack. Know your weakness. Pray about it.
  3. Fill up with the Spirit. I find morning, midday and evening are the best times to do this. And always top up when we are prompted.
  4. Remember than when we are weak He is strong. Be humble. Call on God for strength. Repeat Micah 6:8. What does God require of me? To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

crucified with christ

I wrote about this before: Therefore it must be important. See my other post.

Here is a great song to remember these things. I’ve Been Crucified with Christ by Robin Mark.

I am still working on my focus for this year’s Word of God Speak. I am thinking that I would like this to be more interactive. What about a Bible study? I would love your input with your ideas of what you would like.

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    1. If only I could remember to ask Him for everything – and not just do it what I think needs doing, falter, then ask. Ah. Learning.

  1. In the Ephesians 2 in the Amplified Bible it talks about the Holy Spirit filling our innermost being and personality, so that is my prayer. I want all of Him to fill all of me!

    1. Elizabeth,
      That’s exactly what my retreat weekend was about. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit and loving God, loving others and knowing yourself. Fill us up Lord.

  2. I like #2 — sometimes calling sin by its name instead of glossing it over (mistake, weakness, etc.) jolts me into an awareness that I’m playing with fire.

    And, I think a Bible study here would be fun!

    Has your life slowed down a bit now that fall is here? Trusting that all is well with you!

    1. Hi Michele,
      Just came back from a lovely retreat weekend with women of faith. Awesome time. So filling. Yes I think I can now say my travelling is over until we head for the States. Soon. I am still trying to figure out where God is leading me in this blog. I love number 2 as well – what is the sin that is encumbering me – ?? Show me, Lord.

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