Do You Have Shadows?

Do You Have Shadows?

by Patricia Day

Onions on a neutral, mostly white background
Onions on a neutral, mostly white background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I needed onions for a recipe I was preparing, so picked out two that looked perfect for the job.

Sunlight was streaming through the kitchen window and as I began removing the outer layers from the first onion, I noticed a shadow. Holding it up to the light, I could see it was a bad onion. I promptly discarded it. Then I repeated my action on the second onion; held it up to the light and this time I was rewarded with an onion good enough to use in my recipe. The recipe turned out well, because the ingredients were good.

I wonder if, when God looks at us He sees the same.

God can discern the shadows of badness in our hearts. (tweet this)

And, if we call ourselves Christians, would we really be without blemish, when held up to His light of accountability?

Would we be kept and relished or would we be tossed aside as being unfit for use?

For myself, I know I lapse. Not in big ways – but, nevertheless, I wonder if I would pass the light test. We can all make mistakes. We are not perfect. Our failings can cast shadows on our integrity and our daily lifestyle but with the promise of forgiveness, and the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ, we can relinquish our sinful ways. Will you?

 — for the Lord searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever (1 Chronicles 28:9c, NKJV).


Abba, I know I disappoint You at times because of the things I do, or the way I live. Please help me to remember the sacrifice that Your Son, Jesus, made for me. He died, so that I could live eternally. You accept me just as I am. You never discard anyone, when they seek forgiveness and are truly sorry. Forgive me and show me the right way to live. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Patricia Day

Patricia Day

Writing has always been a passion of Patricia’s. She believes that she expresses herself better in writing. Patricia enjoys creating short stories and devotionals. Other favourite past-times include family-time; gardening; reading; walking and listening to good music.

Patricia is married and the mother of two sons and stepmom to a son & daughter. Best of all, she is Nana to ten grandchildren. Look for her devotionals at Pepe Prays  and her blogPatricia E. Day .

Patricia recently completed her first novel – Eleanor, A Stolen Childhood . she is currently at work on second novel, Priscilla – Hidden in the Shadows.



    1. I hear you. I KNOW I would not pass the light test. I, too, have not heeded words of advice in the past – and have suffered the consequences.

      We all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), but thankfully He is patient with us and continually calls us back to His presence. More and more, I sense that it is what is on the inside that counts. Our outer appearance is irrelevant (God never makes mistakes). How we treat others and what we portray is really what life is about. Sadly, it often takes bad choices and many hurts to show us how we appear to others. It’s what we do with that information that counts.

      Thanks for writing 🙂

      Patricia Day

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