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REST by Janis CoxLinking in with Lisa Jo to write for  5 minutes only. See the bottom of the post if you want to join.


We all need it. That’s the first thing I thought about. Without rest – we crash. I talked to a woman today who wasn’t feeling well. Then she mentioned that she really hadn’t stopped “doing things” for quite awhile. She recognized that she needed a rest.

God’s rest is the best.

When I feel overwhelmed or unable to think straight – I take the time to STOP and read His Word. He is the One that can bring me peace in any situation.

I tend to do a lot and sometimes I get to the point where I know that if I go any further I won’t do it properly. So it is better to stop – take the time to refresh – then go back.

More time is wasted in working while tired. 

I love to breathe in the Spirit of God. That is the best rest I can find. Knowing that He resides in me brings me refreshment, courage, and stamina that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

A quick check of the Internet tells me that the word rest is found almost 500 times in the NIV version.

Jesus took time to rest:

Jesus said, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31, NIV).

And when I can’t sleep, one way I use to relax is to repeat the 23rd Psalm (notice the King James Version – the way I learned it):

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters” (Psalm 23:2, KJV).

Time’s up. What do you think of when you think of the word REST.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
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It’s a great way to catch your breath at the end of a long week.



  1. “breathe in the Spirit of God”….yes! that is the deepest nourishment for my soul, giving me rest down to my marrow…

    so encouraged by you, Janis! Happy Friday to you!
    All for Him with hugs to you,

  2. Oh yes. God really does want us to rest in Him, doesn’t He? I knew the word and the idea flowed throughout various parts of Scripture, but I didn’t realize just how many times the word appeared in the Bible. Cool new fact!

    1. Thanks Amy,
      Yes I was surprised as well with the number but it makes sense. Fear too has many references. So don’t fear and rest. Good suggestions.

  3. Dear Janis
    I couldn’t find your blog through your link-up with FMF. I think there might be a problem. But I am glad that I came anyway through Google! I cannot agree more. If there is one thing that is sooooo bad for Fm/CFS patients, then it is pushing beyond our limits. And we still do it at times. That is now asking for a major flare-up of symptoms.
    Much love XX

    1. Mia,
      When I went back and tried the link it worked for me. Don’t know what happened but so glad you persevered. Bless you.
      Yes we must learn the rhythm of life that God gives us and that is to listen to Him. So hoping you can rest and regain your strength.
      Blessings and praying for you.

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