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Kathy, Mom and me

This is a tough one for me today. My Mother died last January at the age of 94, almost 95.

My Mom, I can say for certainty, was always there for me. She loved deeply both her girls and her husband. She cared for us and always put herself last. Sometimes that bothered me because I felt bad. But now I see it was her nature to give, and to love.

My husband and I had the privilege to have her stay with us for 4 years (with a sharing between my sister and myself). Mom and I learned to “get along”. It was tough but we did manage to find a peace between us.

When Mom decided to move to a retirement facility, we loved how she joined in with all the fellowship. My Mom never forgot a name, a date or how someone was doing. Once again her caring nature stood at the forefront.

A competitive cribbage player, I loved how even in the last few weeks of her life she still played to win. And she did win. Her mind, always sharp – she could figure out how to use those cards to her advantage.

Miss her – greatly. Crying now yes. But knowing that she is with my Dad and with Jesus. I see them are all dancing together and that helps me get over the emptiness I still feel.

Yes my Mom loved everyone, and adored her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. One of the cutest things she said was at our last Christmas together  – as she watched the great-grandchildren playing – she said, “My, Sarah, they look so much alike”. My daughter, Sarah, replied, “Yes Grandma, they all look like you.”

To my Mom  – a gracious lady, a wonderful wife, mother and friend. We all miss you.



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  1. Yes, your mom was a wonderful lady. I am crying now after reading your tribute to her. I remember that your mom came into my life right after my mom died and I felt that God had blessed me with another mom. I still think about the night we spent together at your house when you and Wayne had to both go out of town. I enjoyed that night so much. I miss her too.

  2. This touched me in deep places.

    My husband and I are helping out my mom and dad (both in their 80’s) while my dad is recovering from a bad fall in November. We pray for life to return to normal for them (they’ve always been so healthy and active), but we know we don’t always get our wishes. Having this time together has been challenging at times, but such a sweet blessing overall.

  3. Janis,
    Mothers are a blessing from the Lord. What wonderful memories you have of your mother. I’m sure you will always cherish them.
    You left me a comment on Four Seasons of Blessings. I didn’t mean to imply that my mother was gone. She and my father are thankfully both alive. They have been married 47 years. I wrote a post about their wedding entitled “Married Twice on the Same Day”. My parents are a blessing to me and my family. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Count blessings, Kasey

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