Five Minute Friday – Again


On Friday’s I link to Lisa Jo Baker and take only 5 minute to write a post. Great for making me sit and write with total freedom. Here goes:


Sometimes I feel as I get older I have to do things again and again to get them right. It is getting longer to learn something but I know that in order to get it into my brain I have to do it again and again.

I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and he says:

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”
Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

Thank the Lord that He tells me to persevere. I do get frustrated with myself but then I have moments of extreme joy when I do get it.

I wanted to memorize Scripture. I really didn’t think I could do this. But if I keep saying the words over and over every day – gradually they start to sink in and become part of me. The best comes when the Holy Spirit prompts me to tell someone those words. WOW – is that a high. I joined Ann Voskamp in learning Romans this year.
The Romans Project - Bible Memory Group

Then there is this lovely – self-hosted blog, which I love and hate. I love it for the flexibility and the plugins that make things different. But I hate it when I can’t figure something out. I know; trust – pray – and watch God work it out.

So as I learn – I grow. And I know that God is teaching me again  – to have patience, to watch for Him and to trust that He will help me with everything I attempt.

Time’s UP.

Your turn. What are your words for the word – AGAIN.

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  1. I love your thoughts. And I am very impressed with your skills — something I have yet to venture into. (I’ve been sort of avoiding it.) Mostly, though, I love your words about saying the Scripture again and again and again and having it soak in and become part of you to the point where the Holy Spirit uses it to speak His Word! That. is. awesome. 🙂

    1. Great post! I’m doing my best to learn a few things as well and scriptures into my heart and too. Pure frustration on Wish I could just add a domain to the .com, lol. Customization and traffic is better. On the other hand, you’re doing well with your page. I should try five minute Friday’s as well.

      1. To Caterpillarjive,
        I know exactly what you mean about frustration. We should talk – might be able to help each other.
        Thanks for dropping by,

    2. Thanks for the kind words. My skills at are not great but I am learning. And yes I love repeating Scripture – again and again to get it into my head. Thanks so much.

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