Have you Made a Place for God in Your Life?

Elisha Raises the Shunammite's Son
The boy lives.

Sermon by Doug Ross

Our ministerial for Haliburton held its 5th Sizzling Summer Service in the park – but this year we held it inside a church. Yes we had rain. And we were very grateful for the rain. No one complained when we met together – crowded, happy and joyful. Our churches joined together to praise and worship God.

With a wonderful band, our good singing and lots of worshippers we made a “joyful noise onto the Lord”.

Doug Ross from the Gospel Lighthouse gave the sermon. He is a new pastor to Haliburton and started by praising the ministerial for being “of one accord” and acting like the Acts 2 church. He said it was nice to see leaders putting aside “doctrinal statements and being hungry for God!”.

He based his sermon on a story from 2 Kings 4:8-37 – The story of Elisha meeting the Shunammite woman.

This woman was hungry for God. She even built a special room for Elisha so he would always stay with her when he visited the area. Elisha blessed her thoughtfulness with a son. But the son later died. The woman went to Elisha and told him he had to make the trip back to her house to save her son. “You must come with me,” she said. Elisha lay on the boy and he revived.

She had built a “place for God” in her home. Doug challenged us – Do we have a place for God? Do we look after it? Are you able to say: “It is well with my soul”?

As I spoke about in How Else Can Satan Distract Us?, we are an easily distracted people. I challenge you to make sure you make a place for God in your heart; that you look after that spot; care for it; nurture it; – so you can say those words with great meaning  – IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.



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