How Can I Refresh My Faith? Live Simply


I have been reading through a book by Ron Hughes called Refresh – 19 Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Life.

This past week I have meditated on a chapter called, Live Simply.

Live Simply

For the past few years both my hubby and myself have tried to work toward a more simplified life style. That doesn’t mean we are lazy or idle. It means that we try to stick with what is important. We don’t look through ads trying to see what is out there to buy. We are content with what we have. When we shop we always take a list (of what we need).

Here are a few of the principles I have pulled out of this chapter:

        • Simplicity is a life-style of reduced needs.
        • It involves learning to want less.
        • Simplicity challenges the ethos of our culture.
        • Watch how many activities I am involved with – pull back if the pace of life impacts my time with God.
        • Don’t be a slave to anything I own. Be ready and willing to give it up.

“In the end nothing is “ours” so we should hesitate to consider ourselves anything more than the stewards of the resources God has placed in our hands.”

        • Remember that God is enough.

In the future, think twice, buy once. The bigger the purchase the longer you should spend deciding if you need it. Ask hard questions about he motives behind the desire for the things you want. Pay more attention to “needs” and less to “wants”.

Are you leading a simplified life? Take an inventory of your resources, including your time, money, talent and energy. How are these being invested?

What do you think?



  1. Hi dear Janis
    This is now what I consider our God’s honest truth!! Excellent post and I think we could all do with this advice!
    Bless you, dear friend XX

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