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How to Shape Your Worries into Prayers

by Michele-Lyn


I take almost every 7th week off of blogging and social network. I’m on for about 6 weeks and off for the 7th week. And this last time I scheduled my break for the week after my 31 days of writing. I knew I would need it.

What I didn’t know, is that I’d still be weary after the week off. I didn’t know I’d still be wanting to rest, but in actually, cannot take it. I know how often as a mama, while beyond exhausted caring for my babies and not so small babies, I’ve wondered how I could make it another moment, let alone day or week or year.

I’ve made commitments, and those are commitments I’ll keep. Sometimes we have to go forward even tired and weary and a bit unsure. We find ourselves treading in many new places and different types of terrain on this journey, don’t we?

You see, I purpose to be intentional about living, and I will not let the minutes, turn into years without my notice. And when I sense they are beginning to, I stop.

I stop so I can grab hold of, again, what matters most in this life. Tweet this.

Please continue to read the rest of this post as Michele-Lyn figures out how to rest in God.


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