Keep it Simple

by Jan Cox

I chided myself that my prayers weren’t full enough; weren’t organized enough; that I forgot people.


Do I make too much of this “prayer” focus? Yes. That was my question to myself. We talk on this blog about methods of prayer. And yes, I have tried them. And I have left them, too.

We go through seasons, I think. At the moment I feel overwhelmed with prayer requests. They seem to be coming at me from all directions.


Let the Holy Spirit guide me.

I read Matthew 6:7  from The Message:

“The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They’re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God”.

That is not what I want. I don’t want a pat formula. I am seeking a relationship with God. And Jesus continues speaking about prayer:

“Don’t fall for that nonsense. This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need” (Matthew 6:8 The Message).

I NEED to talk to God – simply that. And then Jesus’ prayer continues:

“Our Father in heaven,
Reveal who you are.
Set the world right;
Do what’s best— as above, so below.
Keep us alive with three square meals.
Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.
Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil.
You’re in charge!
You can do anything you want!
You’re ablaze in beauty!
Yes. Yes. Yes (Matthew 6:9-13 The Message).

“In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do” (Matthew 6:14 The Message).

Am I doing my part? That is what I need to ask myself.

Today I learned that talking out my concerns for others – no matter how I do it – as long as I release them to God – is enough.

Keep it simple, Jan, and that will be good enough for God. But KEEP PRAYING.

I remember:

“Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil” (From the Lord’s prayer – The Message).

Don’t over think this. Just do what comes naturally. God is teaching me. Speak to Him what is on my heart. That is GOOD ENOUGH for God and should be GOOD ENOUGH for me.


Lord, I need to remember to keep it simple. I must remember not to get focused on the how-to but on the actual doing of “prayer”. Help me learn to talk to you from my heart. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN.

My Gratitude List for this week. Counting to 2000. I am at 1280.

  • early morning sunshine in Arizona
  • quiet moments at 6am with tea and my Bible
  • last full day in Arizona – it’s been an interesting winter but have counted many blessings
  • being ready – packed, cleaned and closed up
  • great discussion at last Bible study on the second SEED – Enough – is God enough (relates to this post)
  • last rays of Arizona sunshine – soaking it up at the pool
Soaking up last rays of sunshine
  • terrific on time (well all most on time ) for Air Canada flight home
  • great sunny warm weather welcoming us on our arrival
  • slept well
  • cuddled new grandbaby next morning
Cuddling Grandson
  • good drive back home – we all fit in the car including Snowball
  • watching Snowball watching our grandson – well actually trying to play with him
Snowball kissing grandson.
  • water connected – only 1 glitch – I don’t know my hot from my cold – sorry honey
  • patient hubby who didn’t get mad about the mix up although I do get teased
  • energy to grocery shop twice and fill those empty cupboards and fridge
  • friend who vacuumed up flies and wasps and turned up the heat before we got home
  • preparing for baby shower for the Pregnancy Care Centre
  • our truck started and ran well
  • grandbaby so good
  • middle daughter offered a job close to home – gives her so much more time
  • lovely shower for the Pregnancy Centre
  • grandbaby was so good and such a great one to cuddle
  • energy
  • watching grandson enjoy his bath
  • balloons so festive
Balloons to celebrate.
  • hugging friends
  • successful drive back to Barrie – got lots done
  • sunshine in Ontario but only 2 degrees Celsius
  • listening to The Message on my IPOD
  • SNOWFALL in April – actually pretty
Snow in April
  • have to return our new TV to Costco – cracked screen – stayed calm
  • making chili in the slow cooker at 6 am
  • getting back into a routine – but still a little jet-lagged
  • following Dave Ramsey’s advice (manage God’s money carefully) and so negotiate and get deals
  • baby grandson found his hands – fascinated by them – who needs toys?

  • energy to do lots of paperwork (Write! Canada, bills, subdivision association)
  • taxes are done – thanks to hubby
  • lots of gifts from the shower to give the Pregnancy Centre
  • meeting neighbours on our walk
  • new used bunk beds for our grandchildren (our family is growing)
  • meeting and working with a friend
  • sunny day for Wayne to drive back to Barrie to exchange the TV
  • our new TV is lifted in and set up – thanks to a friend


Jan Cox

Jan, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published two devotionals and a number of articles for magazines and a Bible study. She is owner of Under the Cover of Prayer and moderates the site. She also writes at A Better Way. Jan is working on a couple children’s books in which she is also the watercolour illustrator.