Let the Judge be the Judge

by Mary Haskett

Do you ever find yourself judging another person? I do, but quickly the Spirit of God chides me. I’m so thankful that Jesus kept His promise to send the Holy Spirit to help, direct and guide us through our life on this earth. What amazing provision for us His children. We are told not to Judge others. In Luke 6:37 we read,’ Do not Judge and you will not be judged.’ Of course God doesn’t want us to blindly accept everything as okay. He expects us to use discernment and to judge wisely in what we will do, where we will go, and what we will say.

Lately I’ve been using discernment in conversations with my grandson. I’ve listened carefully to his almost naïve concept of man, but rather than judging him, I’ve prayed silently for wisdom on how to respond to his belief that we should never judge anyone and that if we all loved each other, fed each other and so on there would be no evil doers . I have considered my dear grandson’s thinking and explained to him, he is being idealistic rather than realistic. I’ve encouraged him to read and observe the world affairs and to understand we can’t look at the world through rose coloured glasses, but see it as Jesus said it would be in the last days—full of wickedness.  Certainly he’s right about not judging but at the same time we can’t be like the ostrich and put our heads in the sand. By the way does the ostrich really do that?

Anyway for my grandson  my duty is to pray for his salvation and to keep the doors of communication open, for if I judge him then most likely the communication door will close and another soul lost. For all of us we must leave the judging to God and concentrate through kind discourse to win souls for the Kingdom.


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