QUIET – Five-Minute Fridays

Quiet – Five-Minute Fridays


Stillness before God

I am silently laughing to myself. A couple of minutes ago I finished spending my “quiet time” with our Lord. A very good quiet time.

YES – I sat still. I didn’t move. I let all thoughts leave my mind except the word “Jesus”. An unbelievable peace came over me.

When I first sat down this morning I had picked up a new book called Refresh by Ron Hughes. He also has a free workbook to go with Refresh.  I read through the second chapter called “Be Quiet”. No kidding – that is the chapter I studied this morning.

Ron’s book has 19 ways to boost your spiritual life. If every chapter has the result of this morning I will be ecstatic.

I feel a peace and calmness that I haven’t reached for a while.

I used to take time to SIT STILL. But, lately I have been reading, studying, and thinking. Praying, petitioning. An active brain. This is what Ron calls “mental racket”. Well my brain has played a rock concert.

Instead, today, I read about how to “quieten the clamouring voices” in my mind.

Then I opened my computer – and voila… there is Lisa-Jo’s word for this Friday. QUIET. Could God be telling me it any stronger?

I must take that time – to quieten my thoughts before God.

Time’s up – but before I leave here is an acronym that came to me this morning.


P – Put

E – Everything

A – Aside

C – Calm

E – Ensues

Have a wonderful day! linking in to Lisa-Jo’s Five-Minute Fridays.





  1. Thank you Jan. I love your brief little posts. They always help me to take a deep breath and feel calm and peaceful! Hope you are enjoying your winter home and settling in.

  2. So, He speaks loudly to you, too sometimes : ) Love how all of those details of our everyday weave into glory.

    Mental racket…I LOVE that. And the acronym. I’m taking both with me. Thank you!!

    1. Yes mental racket is what Ron Hughes calls that constant brain noise. I like that too. Yes spread the acronym – Blessings,

  3. God’s so good about getting His message across! I love how He personalizes it to our spirits. Thanks for reminding us how important it is to be still. I have a mental racket going on too, and need a break from it.

    1. Oh I like that Janet – “personalizes our spirits”. Being still in this world is essential to hear God.

  4. I love this. It reminds me of Richard Foster’s discipline of silence and discipline of solitude. As the mom of two young children (age 3 and 8 months), I often crave times of stillness alone with the Lord. Sometimes it only happens when I have insomnia and the baby is sleeping through the night, or when I get an uninterrupted shower. Thanks for the reminder about the need to be intentional in this area.

    1. Oh I certainly remember those days – stillness didn’t materialize. You have to make it intentional and use whatever God gives you.. Those are precious moments.

    2. Hi,
      You hit the right word with “intentional”. We need to be that in order to make time for the silence. As we practice it we can then be silent even when things are crazy around us. I intend to make it a daily practice if at all possible.
      Blessings and thanks for dropping in,

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