SUNDAY STILLNESS – Acknowledge God

Sunday Stillness – Acknowledge God

Hummingbird - Psalm 50:11

Credit for this photo goes to Bill Weaver, photographer. Find more lovely pictures on Flickr.

While reading through the Psalms in The Message I came across this passage.

“This is God, your God,
speaking to you.
I don’t find fault with your acts of worship,
the frequent burnt sacrifices you offer.

But why should I want your blue-ribbon bull,
or more and more goats from your herds?
Every creature in the forest is mine,
the wild animals on all the mountains.

I know every mountain bird by name;
the scampering field mice are my friends.

If I get hungry, do you think I’d tell you?
All creation and its bounty are mine.
Do you think I feast on venison?
or drink draughts of goats’ blood?

Spread for me a banquet of praise,
serve High God a feast of kept promises,
And call for help when you’re in trouble—
I’ll help you, and you’ll honor me” (Psalm 50:7-15, The Message).

The knowledge that God knows everything – He created everything – that is powerful. He even knows the scampering field mice.

All God wants is for us to acknowledge Him. That’s it. (Tweet this)

God asks for 3 things; praise Him, keep His promises and call for help. (Tweet this)

God has gone to great lengths to talk to us. He came from Heaven to earth in the form of Man to get to know us. Jesus knows our every feeling, thought and idea.

Today let’s make sure that we take time and talk to God. Stop what you are doing and just breathe in His Holy Spirit.


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  1. When the church service started this morning, the Pastor called everyone to lift praise and thanksgiving, and this went on for a while, before even one song was sang. He is so worthy of our praise! Blessings and thank you for sharing!

  2. Stopping by from The Sunday Community…love this Scripture and that God gives us simple ways to follow…praise God, kee His promises and call for help… a great direction to ponder this week.

  3. Our God is truly the one and only awesome God! 🙂 I am so thankful to be a part of His creation and to be His child!! ~ Thanks so much for this beautiful post and the link-up community 🙂 Have a blessed day!!

  4. “I’ll help you, and You’ll honor me” – that is a comfort, a hope and a testimony … of God’s unfailing and everlasting love! Thank you for sharing this Psalm & encouraging!

  5. Janis, it’s been a rough week with my husband being gone and as I read your words I realized how at this very moment what I need is to acknowledge God and remember that He is here with me. I’m breathing in His Holy Spirit. Thank you SO much! Blessings, Beth.

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