Sunday Stillness – How Can I make Jesus Joyful?

Sunday Stillness – How Can I make Jesus Joyful?


We talk a lot about being joyful in the Lord. That’s how I can find joy – looking to Jesus for answers.

But how can I make Jesus joyful?

When I gave a post on Twitter that asked:

Someone answered me back.

“to make yourself feel better”

That shocked me. I believe I truly went on this mission trip to make Jesus joyful.

I want Jesus to use me however He wants. I rely on His strength, His wisdom and His peace.

When I go on a mission trip I leave behind the comforts of home, family, food, soft bed and … sleep. I go where I must trust in God fully.

He gave me strength to have fun with the campers on less than 6 hours sleep. He gave me Holy Spirit words during our Bible Studies. He let me watch as He drew people to Himself. He used me.

I think God is joyful from my obedience.

He also revealed Himself to me. I took on more and more jobs that were not humanly possible (for a grandma fighting a cold) – but God made it work. He strengthened my spiritual connections with the IM staff, the national staff and the campers. God led me to those He wants me to continue to pray for.

God stretched me and sometimes it hurt.

I believe I go on mission trips because God calls me to go. I believe that there will be at least 2 people who will change during my trip. Me and one other.

Every time I go on a mission trip I have seen this.

And I see Jesus smile.

I agree and follow what Oswald Chambers says:

I want that “oneness [with God] which will make [me] not only blameless in His sight, but a deep joy to Him.


Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve you on an overseas mission trip. Thank you for nudging me to participate. Thanks for showing me how to trust fully in You. May I bring You joy in all I do. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.


I think God is joyful from my obedience. (tweet this)


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  1. Janis…our obedience to God definitely makes Him happy. I remember Jesus saying, if you love Me, keep My commandments. It sure does make Him happy when those He loves and died for, learn to love Him back…which they demonstrate by obeying His Voice/call.

    God bless you.

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