Sunday Stillness – Wonderstruck

Are we just living the “church” or are we being wonderstruck by God every day? Margaret Feinberg in her book, Wonderstruck, makes you think past what you see and search for the wonder of God.

The photo is courtesy of Kimberley Payne at Fit for Faith. If you click on the photo you can get right to her website. Thanks Kimberley.

Let’s be Wonderstruck. This week I am starting a Bible Study based on this book. I am praying for the entire group to be struck by the wonder of God.



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  1. Late to stop by on this Sunday, but I do enjoy coming here. I have Wonderstruck on my must read list. “…. search for the wonder of God.” It seems He planned for me to end my day here because today I truly did feel as though I was struck by His wonder. It was a beautiful Sunday. Thank you for your heart. Blessings.

  2. Amazing photo! Is that yours from the ice storm? I know some of your flowers bloom before mine do, but I hadn’t thought of those ones! Thanks for this reminder to look for the wonder. I’m so enjoying Margaret Feinberg’s book. May the Lord bless your study group and create a spirit of wonder in each member.

    1. Janet,
      I linked the photo to Kimberley’s website but forgot to give her credit. It is a lovely shot – not sure when she took it. I agree with you about Wonderstruck. I reread the first two chapters in preparation for Wednesday’s first meeting. So excited to see what God will do with us as we open our eyes wide for wonder.

  3. Such a beautiful picture of the frozen flowers! Thank you for inviting to join the Sunday Stillness Community, Janis! I haven’t heard of Wondersrtuck before, I’ll check it out … It must be so encouraging to look back and remember the ways God has walked with you, leading, guiding, protecting and showing His love!
    Have a blessed week,

    1. Nina,
      For some reason you got kicked into the Spam – I pulled you out. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. And Wonderstruck is a must read.
      Blessings to you,

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