Tadeo Has His Own Facebook Page

Tadeo’s Facebook page – Come and Visit Me

Tadeo – It’s Me!

Yes, Tadeo does have his own page. Not sure exactly what he is going to do there but have some ideas. He certainly will keep everyone abreast of where Janis goes. Last weekend Tadeo said:

“Janis took me on a trek to the Arts and Crafts Fair where she lives. Exciting times. Many people picked up my adventure and lots of people bought a copy.

Some bought copies for their children, their grand-children and even great-grandchildren. Such a wonderful time we had. And two of Jan’s good friends helped her, Helene and Karen, along with her ever faithful husband, Wayne.”

Here are some pictures of that event. We didn’t get a picture of my husband. Oops.

The Start of a big Day
Good friend Karen
Good friend Helene.
The winning ticket for a basket of goodies.

Thanks to the lovely lady who had the table beside me – I forget her name. But she drew the winning ticket.



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