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Are You Struggling in Your Prayer Life?

by Janis Cox


Are My Prayers Prayeful?

This past Wednesday on my own blog, He Cares for Us, I wrote about true worship. I realized that sometimes I am not worshipping with my whole spirit. I am sometimes not truly present when I sing or even when I listen to sermons. (That doesn’t happen as much any more as I like to take notes and that keeps me focused.)

As I became more intentional in worship I felt closer to God and my worship became worshipful.

I have struggled in the same way in my prayer life. Sometimes I feel as though I am going through the motions. I have an agenda – something that needs to be done – to tick off my list. But am I connecting with God?

Are my prayers – prayerful? (tweet this)

I tried a new discipline in March after reading the book Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg. I tried praying only 3 word prayers.

Yes 3 word prayers.

Because I was intentional in this I found my prayers became more specific; they took me longer to think and compose and they brought me closer to God.

I am now leading a Bible study with the Wonderstruck Bible Study. We are studying session 4 this week, a chapter on prayer. Once again Margaret reminded me of being intentional, not blathering on and on, or having as she calls is a “noversation”. I am going to try this once again for this week and see if my passion and connection will resurface.

How do you struggle in your prayer life?

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